Klara was born in Ljubljana, Slovenia, where she later graduated with a Degree in Violin Performance at the Academy for Music (Akademija za glasbo).

Throughout her childhood and adolescence she participated in a number of national and international classical music contests, winning various prizes. She also performed solo concerts, as a member of a chamber ensemble as well as of an orchestra, and played smaller gigs alongside with her father, who is a self-taught pianist and guitarist.

Those are the roots, from which she derives her passion for performing live until this present day. Her repertoire encompasses a broad and colourful variety of musical genres: classical music, film music, popular music, tango, jazz, Balkan music, bossa nova, American folk, etc.

During her studies at the Academy she enjoyed participating in various musical projects, just to mention a few: a tour around France and Belgium with a jazz trio (violin, cello/drums, piano), a performance in a contemporary electro-acoustic musical project in Ljubljana, a choreographed performance with a ballet dancer for the “Slovenian modern choreography festival”, a performance of a contemporary piece as a soloist with a tambouritsa orchestra, co-creation of a musical theatre piece, various concerts across Ljubljana as part of the city council’s “Romantic December” project, etc.

She has so far recorded five solo albums, three of which focus on classical music repertoire and the other two on movie soundtrack arrangements. As a guest artist she also worked on two further albums of different musical styles. Some of her tracks have already been featured in two documentaries (“Déjame ser” and “El Doncel de Guerea”) directed by Tarek Ode, as well as in the audio book “El sueño de Greta" by Olga Pérez Barbero (for Junta de Andalucia), in the short film titled "Cocina por la Paz - Málaga" directed by Fran Carmona (for this project she interpreted works by composer Fernando Velázquez), not to mention various documentaries and videos about Córdoba, the city, in which she had lived from 2011 and 2016.

She has been invited to give open air concerts in places such as Santillana del Mar, Liérganes, Torremolinos, Lucena and Arriate, and has also given numerous performances in towns and cities such as Frigiliana, Zaragoza, Málaga, Granada, Córdoba and Madrid, where she was able to fascinate both locals and tourists. To date, she has performed in venues such es Torre de Don Borja in Santillana del Mar, the Val del Omar hall of the Filmoteca de Andalucia, the Patio del Archivo Histórico Provincial in Córdoba as well as the Liceo del Real Circulo de la Amistad hall.