Klara Gomboc is a professional violinist, arranger, composer and music producer with a uniquely personal and expressive interpretative style. In Southern Spain she quickly gained fame as "La Violinista de La Puerta del Puente" [The Violinist of The Gate of the Bridge] for her open air performances in the picturesque historic city centre of Córdoba.

Her musical expertise encompasses a broad spectrum: from giving concerts as well as performing in various other events, arranging and interpreting music and producing her own albums to collaborating with other artists.

With her six solo albums, countless concerts and numerous mentions in the press as well as in the social media, Klara is known for her innovative ideas and original projects. Parts of her interpretative work have already been used in various documentaries about art, culture and gastronomy.

Klara currently resides in Málaga, where she combines her activities as a performer with her work as a composer, constantly developing new ideas and projects.